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    海外技术支持热线Oversea Technical Hotline:(86)755-25504162-8619
    国内技术支持热线Domestic Technical Hotline:(86)755-25504162-8603

    售前服务Pre-sales service
    Pre-consultation service: Introduce relative case and deeply analyze technical solution for our clients.
    Business consultation service: Introduce company product and solution to our client, and communicate&discuss deeply the clients’ requirements.
    Provide client-tailored solution: Combining with the practical requirements from client, we provide client-tailored&professional technical solution and training courses.

    售中服务In-sale service
    Provide on-site installation, commissioning, DEMO and pre-engineering technical service.
    Provide the management consultation service related to on-site engineering installation.
    Provide detailed technical solution information and client-tailored  training service.
    售后服务After-sale service
    Software, hardware product maintenance and warranty service.
    Record suggestions, proposal and complaints from clients and build detailed clients archives.
    According to analysis of clients archives, we also provide visionary consultation and proposals.
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